Musician-Guitarist-Painter-Designer of many things

(Art, Web, and Graphics)

I put my thoughts and life experiences in my songs. My music is basically everything that comes to mind day to day, visually, spiritually, intellectually, experimentally an array of my ways and emotions. Though fantastical, all my songs are non fiction and are strictly my points of view. My cover art is essentially diving into my visual mind. Art and music occur so simultaneously in my life it is practically a play. Sometimes a fucked up one but get to know me and you'll find i'm an eternal optimist filled with integrity! I came into the music industry later than most in 2011 because I enjoy learning and was educationally ambitious. In 2011 I founded Lonely Girl Dreams aka LGD the brand which is also based on my life. I lead a faction of LGD called The Dark Army, a group of talented musicians and artists in my camp. For previous work check out art on my Instagram page such as "The Commune Collection" all of it's original from us. You'll see more from The Dark Army in upcoming projects. I want to say thank you for coming here to begin with! I take my time to create music that makes you feel things. Life is meant to be felt. Like day 1, With versatility I AM a girl on her raw journey to fulfill her dreams. If my music does anything for you hashtag download an album!